Inspired teaching keeps the flame of scholarship alive.
— Ernest Boyer


One of Ana's career goals is to be a respected teacher who educates and entices future scholars and marketing professionals. She aims towards igniting subject matter interest in students, providing them with interesting ideas, and enabling them to use their knowledge, creativity, and contemporary tools in solving relevant problems. Ana's courses typically include a combination of course lectures to transmit relevant concepts and findings from her own research projects, as well as assignments, case studies, and debates for transforming and extending knowledge through classroom discussion. Since her earliest teaching experiences, Ana has been embracing information and communications technologies. She is familiar and very comfortable with several online learning platforms (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, WebCT, K-Hub), and she believes these are very useful in today’s education. For her most recent course on social media marketing, Ana used a number of tools (e.g., Kahoot, Socrative, and Poll Everywhere) for real-time feedback during lectures and interesting ideas for activities and student projects.

Ana's teaching philosophy emphasizes fairness, interactivity, and collaborative learning. She prioritizes balance between theory and practice and hopes to engage students in a lasting discussion. When supervising students, she invests time in brainstorming ideas in initial phases and providing feedback on write-ups. Her bachelor and master’s students (nine in total since 2013) have said that she is an engaged and thorough supervisor and have expressed thanks for her guidance.


Ana's teaching interests include methods classes such as Research Methods, Meta-Analysis for Management Research, and Qualitative Research Methods, as well as marketing classes such as Marketing Research, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Consumer Behavior.


Ana has consistently performed very well in the classroom since 2007. See some of her students' comments below.

I enjoyed the lectures as they were interesting and modeled around student interaction.
— Introduction to Marketing, University of Denver, 2019
Prof. Rosario really made an intro class very engaging and interesting. Not only that, she is an amazing professor and is very organized with the materials learned. She provides examples that are easy to remember when taking her exams. Also, prof. Rosario is very passionate about her career. Because of this, I have chosen to go forth with a Marketing degree. Thank you!
— Introduction to Marketing, University of Denver, 2019
I loved how knowledgeable, open, and approachable Dr. A. was about all of the course content. She is a great instructor who made a difficult class enjoyable and was always open to help students with whatever they needed to improve the class and student experiences.
— Marketing Research, University of Denver, 2018
She is a rockstar! She is a great professor and has such a genuine interest in the well-being of her students. She is very organized and class is always clear and students come out of class knowing the main topic of the day.
— Introduction to Marketing, University of Denver, 2018
Dr. Babic Rosario is incredible. She loves her students and is honestly the most helpful and understanding professor I’ve ever had. She takes so much time to help all of her students succeed.
— Introduction to Marketing, University of Denver, 2018
I admire Professor Babic Rosario’s poise and professionalism. She is knowledgeable about her field which is clear in and out of class. I appreciate her willingness to constantly help us during class and out of class when she’s in her office. The marketing department is demonstrating that they have professors who genuinely care about their students graduating and going out into jobs with strong backgrounds and knowledge.
— Marketing Research & Analytics, University of Denver, 2017
I really liked how she cared about the students and also made us laugh while teaching us. It was more relatable. Although she was our professor, she was also easy to talk to.
— Introduction to Marketing, University of Denver, 2017
Great course! It was research-based and included very interesting data. I feel that I have a better understanding of social media marketing as a result of taking this course.
— Marketing through Social Media, HEC Paris, 2015
I had the pleasure of taking a marketing class in English where Ana was the professor. She was very communicative, and her class was very informative. She always gave a lot of real life examples which made the class interesting. Moreover, her English is perfect to say the least. I would recommend Ana’s class to anybody and I assure you if you choose her, it would be the right choice.
— Marketing Management, ZSEM, 2013
I had the privilege of being Ana’s student in the ZSEM Summer School program in 2011. Ana takes her expert knowledge of marketing and is able to infuse it with energy, enthusiasm, and real world examples. She creates a learning environment that balances being intellectually challenging and supportive. I would highly recommend her classes to fellow students and her teaching skills to universities.
— New Media Marketing, ZSEM, 2011


An important part of Ana's teaching philosophy is the development of relevant, integrative, and engaging teaching materials. To date, she has co-authored two high-school marketing textbooks and a dozen marketing case studies.


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